Founded by experienced goldsmith Ahmet Çetinol in 1997, Çetinol Jewelry makes elegant, 24-carat jewelry. Çetinol Jewelry which takes inspiration from the vast richness of history and Turkish culture puts the same love and care into its jewelry as Ottoman palace goldsmiths.
Çetinol Jewelry pieces adorned with diamonds are made in limited numbers. Çetinol Jewelry is a global name with customers all over the world. We are determined to provide the world of today with the beauty of the past.
Çetinol Jewelry has a deep-seated team and crafts its products in Vezirhan, located in İstanbul, Çemberlitaş. Ahmet Çetinol believes that every piece of jewelry has to have a story and the customer should know and carry the story with them. We are determined to keep our policy of controlled growth and the authentic line that we acquired over the years.

Our Vision

Our company which operates on the principle of using gold that is as pure as it was found in nature, puts utmost care into making sure our pieces carry a piece of history and keep the artistic flavor of the past alive. The biggest vision of Çetinol Jewelry is forming a bridge between past and present, providing the world of today with the beauty of the past.

Our Mission

Çetinol Jewelry aims to achieve original designs that can not be replicated. But to reach that goal, we chose not to use the unlimited utility of modern technology, instead making use of excellent craftsmanship from the past. With our handicrafts, we aim to unearth the cultural richness of the land we live on that has been home to many civilizations. Our pieces are not only for national but global appreciators of authentic jewelry. Our mission is to be preferred and known for our quality, not for quantity.